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Tres Hermanas – Honduran workers rights to be respected?

15. 7. 2013: In February Make Fruit Fair launched an urgent action campaign in response to the failure of the owners of the Tres Hermanas plantations in Honduras to recognise the legality of the SITRAINBA union. Over 400 workers are affected by a failure to pay the minimum wage, unpaid overtime, and the illegal firing of workers attempting to exercise their right to organize. The company, a Chiquita supplier, has even set up a parallel (yellow) union in spite of an order from the Labour Ministry to initiate collective bargaining with SITRAINBA.

Surviving Panama's banana crisis cooperatively

15. 7. 2013: Near the archetypal banana town of Changuinola in Panama’s North Western province of Bocas del Toro, just a few kilometres from the Rio Sixaola – and Costa Rica on the other side – are three unusual banana plantations. Many would have predicted that these plantations would not survive the dramatic decline in Panama’s banana exports that has taken place in recent years.

Cameroon: banana company responds to local food insecurity

22. 6. 2012: The communities neighbouring the plantations belonging to Africa’s biggest banana company, PHP-Compagnie Fruitière, have serious problems of poverty and food insecurity. Households that do not include one of the 6,000 or so employees of the company do not have sufficient income to buy the food they require; they also do not have access to any land. People entered the plantation - illegally - to hunt or harvest what they could in the ‘islands’ of forest that remain inside the plantation boundary.

Costa Rica: Workers reinstated!!

17. 6. 2012: Nearly five years after they were fired from their jobs at the giant Piña Frut pineapple farm, belonging to Grupo Acon, Leonora Mullins and Eddy Aguilar are back at work. Their union, SITRAP, took their case for unfair sacking to court.